Manifesto of the
National Democratic Confederation (NDC)

Manifesto of the
national democratic confederation (conde)

Before the dawn of a new era for Venezuela, the National Democratic Confederation (CONDE) is charting a path of unity and progress. Our manifesto is the beacon that illuminates our mission: to rebuild and heal our nation, always putting Venezuela first.

This is CONDE's commitment, the promise of a future forged together, under the banner of prosperity, justice, and freedom, based on the following principles:


First Venezuela

National interest is the guiding star that leads our actions. In the face of any decision, the question is simple: How does this benefit Venezuelans?


Confederation of Ideas

Like a tapestry woven with diversity, we embrace every hue of thought. Plurality is our strength, and debate, our path to truth.


Peace Highway

Peace is not only our destination, but the path we travel. At every step, it is the way to understanding and the foundation upon which we will build a prosperous future.


Prosperity Economic Mandate

Economy is not only measured in figures, but in the well-being of each household. We seek prosperity that transcends, that touches every Venezuelan and grants them freedom and dignity.


Freedom of Thought

We protect the diversity and richness of every thought, learning from our past to forge the future. Every constructive idea, every hope, finds a home in this confederation marching towards freedom.


Commitment to Social Justice

Justice is equality of opportunity, it is the promise that every Venezuelan child, woman, and man will have the possibility to build their dreams on fertile land of hope.


Solidarity as Pillar

In every Venezuelan there is a brother, a sister. Empathy and solidarity are the hands that support us in difficult times and applaud us in our victories.


Education for the Future

Education is the seed of freedom. We invest in young minds, forging the leaders of tomorrow and ensuring a legacy of knowledge and wisdom.


Agricultural, Environmental and Energy Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability that encompasses agricultural, environmental, and energy. This is the cornerstone to ensure that basic needs are met, laying the groundwork for lasting peace and enduring well-being for decades to come.


Transparent and Ethical Leadership

Our commitment to honesty is unbreakable. In every social and political act, transparency and ethics, based on sustained realities and hopes, are the compass that guides our service to the country.

the change that unites ✔✔ the change that unites ✔✔

All rights reserved. © 2024 Presidential Campaign of Benjamin Rausseo.

United for a prosperous and democratic future. #JoinTheChangeThatUnites with Benjamin Rausseo

All rights reserved. © 2024 Presidential Campaign of Benjamin Rausseo.

United for a prosperous and democratic future. #JoinTheChangeThatUnites with Benjamin Rausseo